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2013 World Flow Championship Competition Results

The 2013 World Flow Championships held at YAS Waterworld in Abu Dhabi, UAE on October 25-26, 2013 highlighted the best of the best in the world of flowboarding. Competiton results are listed below and stay tuned for video and photo highlights, coming soon!



 2013 WFC results Yas Waterworld

Pro Strapped

1st- Eric Silverman

2nd- Max Sokolov

3rd- Greg Lazarus

4th- Marcus Richerson

Pro Strapless

1st-Clayton Barker

2nd- Eric Silverman
3rd-Wesley Fischer
4th-Greg Lazarus

Pro Bodyboard Prone
1st- Billy Tennant
2nd- Chris Childers
3rd-Claudio Calderon
4th- Mo Ibrahim

Pro Bodyboard Drop Knee
1st- Chris Childers
2nd- Billy Tennant
3rd- Wesley Fischer
4th- Halley Balderama

Pro Female Strapped
1st- Amy Stevens
2nd- Marta Jekot
3rd- Ili Lim
4th- Maya Spaarwater

Pro Female Strapless
1st- Ili Lim
2nd-Amy Stevens
3rd- Marta Jekot
4th- Maya Spaarwater

Best Trick
1st- Eric Silverman (finger flip revert)
2nd- Clayton Barker(varial flip)
3rd-Greg Lazarus(strapless front flip)

Max Sokolov

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