Wave House

Wave House is an entertainment venue concept that epitomizes the surfing lifestyle: sand, music, sunshine, sunsets, barbecue and spirits, overlooking a man-made beach environment. Wave House is the world leader in the integration of the surf lifestyle with surfing wave technology.  Wave Loch LLC builds the wave attractions and the lifestyle experience brings people to the venues. Revenues generated from restaurants, corporate and group events, music, retail and sponsorships make Wave House a sustainable business model.

Wave House locations:

  • Wave House Durban, South Africa – Opened in 2001 as the leisure anchor to the 1.7 million square foot Gateway Theatre of Shopping.
  • Wave House San Diego, California – Opened in 2005 as part of Belmont Park, a 7-acre beach front entertainment complex.
  • Wave House Santiago, Chile – Opened in 2008 as the outdoor entertainment anchor to Mall Sport, a 100,000 square foot sport-oriented retail development.
  • Wave House Sentosa, Singapore – Opened in October 2009 on Siloso Beach, as part of the resort island of Sentosa.
  • Wave House Mallorca, Spain – Opened in June 2012 on Magaluff Beach, as part of the resort island of Mallorca, and includes a hotel.
  • Wave House Chongqing China – Opening 4th Quarter 2015!
  • Wave House Chanchung, China – Opening 2nd Quarter 2016!

Wave Loch

Wave Loch is the wave equipment supplier to Wave House. Founded in 1991 and now the world leader in human generated wave technology, Wave Loch was built on the enduring pillars of the beach culture and the surf lifestyle. Wave Loch has more than 200 wave machines installed around the world in water parks, hotels, retail malls, cruise lines and elsewhere. Based on proprietary intellectual property, Wave Loch attractions are thrilling, safe and appealing to both the participant board rider and profit driven attraction owner.

Key Elements of Wave House Success

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Wave House is an Enduring Brand

  • Creates emotional connection through sport, music and lifestyle
  • Takes an iconic coastal sport to inland destinations
  • Builds strong “brand equity” geographically through regional grouping strategy and commercially through Internet driven social networking and strategic retail partnerships (sponsorships, media, cross-marketing)
  • Viewing of wave attractions provides customer “hang time” factor leading to increased food & beverage sales
  • Reaches across multiple demographics from young children to teens, young adults and parents.,

Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Wave House venues generate revenues from:

    •  food & beverage,
    • waves, music,
    • special events, and
    • retail
  • via tourists, locals and corporate guests

Wave Loch Proprietary Technology

  • Wave Loch has exclusive global rights to patented wave technology
  • Wave Loch created the wave attraction market and is the world technology leader
  • Wave House has exclusive use of the FlowBarrel attractions at its venues

Network Marketing Strategy

  • Wave Loch retains all media, third party sponsorship, television, motion picture and Internet rights on all FlowBarrel and SurfPool attractions sold as part of a Wave House venue
  • Wave Loch's retention of media rights allows for a global partnership with multi-national sponsors

Wave House is a Highly Scalable Business

  • Wave House has developed an iconic brand and compelling prototype venue but is easily adaptable to local geographic, cultural and operational differences through cuisine, music tastes, climate, and more
  • Wave Loch, through innovative surfing attraction technologies that appeal to numerous entertainment venues, has established and is growing the sport of Flowboarding and surfing globally

Strong Management Team

  • Passionate and multi-talented Founder with strong recognition in the surfing arena
  • Experienced and committed management team with substantial prior experience in their respective Wave House business lines

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