Wave House Zaragoza

The fifth island in the Wave House archipelago is under construction and causing a buzz all over Spain and Europe, as board sport athletes and thrill-seekers hear that the “future of nature” is coming to Zaragoza.

Spoken aloud, like a true Castillian, Zaragoza is a pleasing word: “Tharagotha”. The fifth largest city in Spain with a population of around 700,000, it was once the center of the Kingdom of Aragon. Now it is a crossroads in Spain, equidistant from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao and Toulouse, France.

Within this crossroads, Puerto Venecia is under construction and when completed will be Europe’s largest retail and leisure destination: 206,000 square meters of fashion, sports, retail, dining, recreation and adventure – built around two landscaped parks, a lake and canal.

Puerto Venecia will attract visitors from all over Spain, Europe and the world. This cutting-edge development features El Corte Ingles, IKEA and Primark plus an additional 100,000 square meter fashion mall.

On the sport side of the complex, Wave House Zaragoza will bring the California/ocean/tropical lifestyle to the middle of Spain – between the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and the big waves of the Atlantic. There will now be perfect waves for riding at the flick of a switch, as Wave House Zaragoza will feature a full-power FlowBarrel® – a 10ft barreling wave which will bring the power and challenge of the ocean to Puerto Venecia.

Spain is home to a large population of kite surfers, wakeboarders and windsurfers on the Mediterranean coast, surfers on the Basque coast and the Atlantic, snowboarders in the Pyrenees and a raging skate scene in Barcelona and all over the country. Wave House Zaragoza will be equidistant for all of these board sport athletes, who won’t be able to resist the challenge of Flowboarding – which is a hybrid of all these sports, but also a unique challenge as Flowboarders must learn to handle 100,000 gallons of water coming at them as fast as 30 mph.

The FlowBarrel will be the action center of Wave House Zaragoza, now under construction and scheduled to open in 2011. In addition to the FlowBarrel, the Wave House will be the prime entertainment anchor for Puerto Venecia, with two restaurants, multiple bars and events space for 500 to 2000 guests, hosting regular live music shows, DJs, flamenco contests and battles of the Spanish Guitars.

The former center of the Kingdom of Aragon will soon be the center for all board sport athletes looking to work on their skills, and Wave House Zaragoza at Puerto Venecia will introduce landlocked Spaniards and visitors alike to the thrills of the ocean.

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