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Public event or private gathering, party, movie premiere or prom, Bar Mitzvah or bachelor party, corporate team building experience or a lust for total chaos: there’s no better venue than Wave House.

The South Pacific isn’t always a practical option but Wave House is the next best thing. Our unique environment of outdoor Kava bars, fire rings, hammocks, tropical palms, meandering boardwalks and Wave Shows create the quintessential beach lifestyle experience and can be adapted to accommodate any size party. From a dozen bros celebrating imminent matrimony on the SurfPool™ or FlowBarrel®, to the regional sales team who met their sales goal popping a bottle of Moet in the bar, or 1500 banking associates spending time out of the office fostering better communication, we’ve got the facilities to make the occasion a memorable one.

Companies that hold events at Wave House return year after year because there’s really no better team-building experience. Whether you’re watching or riding, heckling or being heckled, the SurfPool™, FlowBarrel®, and FlowRider® attractions do wonders in disarming even the most rigid personalities. Of course, the beach setting and beer helps, too.

Fun is a key ingredient to getting everyone loosened up and back on the same page, and at Wave House, we know how to have fun. After all, we’re professionals at it.

Once we get you on the waves it doesn’t matter if it’s Marty from receiving or Jane, the former Olympic medalist, the results are something you’ll be talking about until next year’s visit. If you want to kick your party up a notch, how about getting the world’s best surfers and flowboarders to strut their stuff? It’s a jaw dropping sight and will inspire the most skeptical of spectators to give surfing or Flowboarding a try. Once they’re done showing you what’s possible, our experts are ready, willing and able to guide you through the basics and have you carving it up and getting barreled no matter how inexperienced you are.

Of course, whether you ride or not, the appeal of Wave House is all that flowing water. It’s a visual attraction unlike anything else you’ll ever see. The Chinese have known for centuries that moving water satisfies a deep human need for motion, which triggers emotion. In Feng Shui, flowing water represents prosperity and health, and we could all use a bit of that.

So come on in to Wave House and put the emotion of the ocean in the middle of your group experience. We will help you make the most of the occasion, ensuring it’s one you never forget.
Special Events May 29, 2015
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