Deadmau5 ROCKED Wave House, Durban on 2 December 2011

Deadmau5, one of the world’s biggest DJ’s, rocked Wave House harder than any dance party before this. 6,000 crazy Mau5 fans had the night of their lives with non-stop music and an awesome technical experience. What a show! The night kicked off at 3PM with top local DJ’s mixing it up while the crowd grew and grew and grew. By the time Joel Zimmerman AKA Deadmau5 took to the stage there was standing room only and the vibe was incredible.

After sound check, Joel Zimmerman said that he loved the venue and went on earlier than scheduled so that he could play longer. And he didn’t disappoint. All the hits came out including ‘Raise your Weapon’, ‘Ghosts n Stuff’ and ‘Strobe’ and the crowd went wild. What an awesome night.

At the end of his set he promised to return to Durban next year, and all we can say is, come back anytime!

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