Wave House Represented at Red Bull US Indianapolis GP

On the weekend of August 28th and 29th the fastest and greatest motorcycle riders on the planet raced at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Red Bull US Indianapolis GP.  MotoGP is the highest form of motorcycle racing on the planet with prototype motorcycles that cost millions of dollars ridden by elite athletes who in turn are some of the highest paid sports stars.  In a support race for those stars 14 year old Ryan Matter from Rancho Cucamonga, CA raced in the Moriwaki 250 races.  These races are for kids from 12-16 years old.  They race spec motorcycles with 250cc engines with a top speed of over 120 mph.  The hope is to impress some of the top teams for a future ride and spot on a high level team.

Motorcycle racing requires tremendous concentration, strength and endurance.  One way Ryan enjoys cross training is by surfing and also spending some time on the FlowRider.  Racing takes a lot of core strength and the FlowRider provides a great leg and core workout.  It is also a ton of fun for the young racer.  Getting to come down to Wave House is a reward for the young expert who despite being just 14 has already raced for 11 years.  Ryan qualified 8th for the two races on the weekend.  He placed 6th in race one on Saturday and 4th in race two on Sunday and ran as high as second Sunday.


Over 62,000 fans attended the races and Ryan’s bike was displayed after his solid finish on Sunday.  Ryan’s stylish bike sported a Wave House sticker proudly on the tail.  Ryan has a final Moriwaki race on October 9th and 10th at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah.   Look for Ryan to be back at Wave House shredding the waves once his season is over. 

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