Wave House San Diego

- B-Max Receives a Control Panel Upgrade
Friday Bruticus Maximus, the resident FlowBarrel at Wave House San Diego, received a control panel upgrade today as well as some surface area repairs.    The new control panel allows us to... - more
- Team South Africa Wins
Monday IFC Presented by Billabong Comes to a Thrilling Close Team South Africa will go down in history as the inaugural title holders for the 2009 International FLOW Championships with three... - more
- Strapless Competition Comes to an Electric Showdown
Sunday Teams Neck and Neck going into Final Day Fierce competition today saw the epic conclusion of the Singaporean FlowRider competition, the start of the Expert Men's Strapless on the... - more
- Let’s Get This Party Started
Saturday Wave House Goes Wild With the first day of competition over and the main events getting underway tomorrow, the riders and staff needed a chance to cut loose. Let their hair down.... - more
- The FlowRider Finals Blow Up
Saturday Wild Cards go into Points Lead The party is rocking here at Sentosa’s Wave House after the conclusion of the FlowRider finals today which saw the Wild Card team go into the points... - more
- The IFC is Underway!
Friday Riders Check In  The world’s best flowboarding athletes checked into Wave House Sentosa for the inaugural International FLOW Championships presented by Billabong. This phenomenal event... - more
- Wildcard Qualifiers And Opening Ceremony
Friday The Action is Intense “Wave House Sentosa is open”, exclaimed a beaming Tom Lochtefeld, CEO of Wave Loch after a thrilling opening ceremony comprising of all the riders from around the... - more
- World Flowboarding Championship Set to Place in Less Than Three Weeks
Hide Title:  Show Monday SAN DIEGO, CALIF. - In a few weeks, the best flowboarders in the world will descend on Wave House’s first European... - more
- Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament, Monday Nights at Wave House!
Hide Title:  Show Tuesday SAN DIEGO, CALIF. - Who gets dibs on the last slice of delicious pizza? Drinks just ran out, who’s going to... - more
- The USA National Flowboarding Championship Introduces New Talent
Hide Title:  Show Saturday SAN DIEGO, CALIF. - June 30th arrived with not a cloud in the sky, an eager crowd, and, most importantly, with Spain... - more
- The Plunge at Belmont Park Reopens & Offers 25-cent Admission for it's Opening Weekend
Hide Title:  Show Wednesday SAN DIEGO, CALIF. – The Plunge, the largest historic indoor pool in Southern California, will be celebrating its... - more
- "The Art of Flight" Premieres at Wave House
Hide Title:  Show Monday Wind, rain, and cold weather forced Plan-A to move to Plan-B for ‘The Art of Flight’ movie screening. Plan A was going... - more
- Team USA Wins the 2011 Malibu FLOW Champions
Hide Title:  Show Tuesday The Malibu FLOW Championships 2011 Presented by the City of Durban - Sunday 9th October The world’s best flowriding... - more
- FLOW Championships US Qualifier Results
Hide Title:  Show Friday As the 2011 Flow Championships are just around the corner, Wave House San Diego held a big time qualifier on... - more
- 2011 FLOW Championships Will Follow a New Format
Hide Title:  Show Thursday With only a little over a month before the biggest FLOW event of the year takes place at Wave House Durban in... - more
- Who Will Represent Team USA at the 2011 FLOW Championships?
Hide Title:  Show Friday The current world champions, Team USA are set to travel to South Africa in October to defend their world title against... - more
- Flow League Starts Thursday, July 28
Hide Title:  Show Thursday What's up everyone?! Wave House kicked off the Summer 2011 Flow League on Thursday, July 28th, with an amazing... - more
- Red Bull On-Boards Seven of their Newest DJs at Wave House
Hide Title:  Show Tuesday Red Bull DJ Collective On-Boarding July 25, 2011 It was warm and sunny and couldn’t have been a more beautiful day... - more
- Jason Johnson, Local Flowriding Videographer
Hide Title:  Show As the sport of flowriding gains acceptance and is legitimized globally, it is only natural that video and film (i.e. digital) begin to play a major role... - more
- Team USA Heads to Durban to Defend Their Team Title
Hide Title:  Show Yes, it’s that time of year again; the greatly anticipated Flowriding League of the World (FLOW) Championships is hitting the African continent, where... - more

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