Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Wave House is more than just riding. It’s also a spot to hang out, soak up the atmosphere and kick back with friends and family. The waves may be what the house is named after but the kitchen is the heart of every home. Our restaurants make sure that not only is the food tasty but it fits in with the whole vibe of the venue. Whether it’s a light snack before a big party or a carbo loaded meal to pump your energy levels back up after a session, we’ve got it covered.

Everyone enjoys some entertainment while they eat, so we’ve made sure that the restaurants always have a great viewpoint of the SurfPool™ or FlowBarrel®. After all, you’re not gonna find a show quite like this one anywhere else.

The menu may change depending on the venue but the attitude is constant: lots of flavor with a Californian twist, made for boardriders by boardriders. No matter where we are, our spiritual home is the coast of the tropics, and that sentiment includes what we serve. It’s all about adaptation in this Global Archipelago!

If you’re not planning to ride, but are keen to party, the bars at Wave House know exactly what you need. Let one of our staff whip up a Mojito, a Long Island Iced Tea or a Margarita. If you’ve just got off the SurfPool™ or FlowBarrel®, an ice cold beer will be amazing. When one of our infamous parties is gaining momentum it’s the ideal way to make sure you’re keeping up the pace.

Whether it’s a snack, a meal or kicking back with a drink while you contemplate the evening’s possibilities, the chilled surroundings mixed with some sweet beats and the thrill of the nearby waves is a heady concoction you’ll never experience anywhere else.
Food May 29, 2015
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