WAVE HOUSE Sebastian, FL


Wave House opened its doors in 2001. The unique combination of waves, sport, music, food, drink, entertainment, and retail, was founded by Tom Lochtefeld to be the public playground for his proprietary surf technologies: the Surf LochSurfPool™, will provide the brand license for Wave House Sebastian, FL.

The main attraction is the waves: Surf Loch SurfPool®. Coupled with a lifestyle entertainment concept oriented around surf culture, it is the basis of the powerful brand identity of Wave House. Wave House became the first mover, and remains the world leader, in the integration of the surf lifestyle with the latest artificial wave technology.

Wave House is on a path to revolutionize surfing out of the ocean, providing surfers of all skill-levels a place to experience the best quality surf and hospitality to be found. With three Wave House surf parks currently in development, with many more planned for the future, Wave House is all about creating unforgettable surf experiences to be shared with friends and family.

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