If the Waves are the Heartbeat then the Music is the Pulse

Music is a cornerstone of youth culture, and as the world’s leading youth culture destination, it’s only natural that music plays a huge part in the Wave House ethos. We’ve become a popular venue for live music performances by some of the world’s coolest recording artists.

Wave House was highlighted as a prime music venue back in 2006, when MTV’s Total Request Live took over Wave House San Diego for a week. Busta Rhymes, Ashlee Simpson and James Blunt rocked out onstage surrounded by a sea of skin while Jamie O’Brien, Kalani Chapman, Flynn Novak and Braden Dias went berserk on San Diego’s famous FlowBarrel®, better known locally as Bruticus Maximus. When comedian Jack Black rolled up on a cruiser bike and had a go at the Bruticus and wiped out, the entire place went nuts. It’s safe to say that since then the party has never really ended.

Wave House’s fusion of music and action board sports has seen it dubbed the “Royal Palace of Youth Culture„. While waves are a unique attraction for Wave House, the combination of great rides and heart-pounding music via live acts and DJs draws thousands of enthusiasts looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite beats. Venues are opening up everywhere, with the Sentosa Island in Singapore holding the first International Flowboarding Championships and regularly hosting parties featuring the most sought after DJs on the continent.

Wave House Santiago can hold up to 500 people, while Wave House San Diego is good for 1,500 and Wave House Sentosa even more. Each of these Wave House venues make for a unique live music experience, promoting all music genres from world-class DJ’s to Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop and Blues.

Over the years, Wave House San Diego has been home to acts as diverse as Good Charlotte, Pink, Sean Kingston and Ziggy Marley. Those traveling acts compliment a regular schedule of musical events at Wave House, including the relentlessly popular Sundaze at Wave House San Diego, which brings the world’s top DJs to spin the hits in front of thousands of kids partying under the sun, on the sand, at the beach.

The thrum and throb of the FlowBarrel® and FlowRider® sheet waves are perfectly complimented by the rattle and hum of live music. Put surf and music together and you have a party alchemy that can’t be beat.

Music May 25, 2015
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