Wave House Mallorca 1st Twitter Hotel

party suite sol wavehouse

Wave House Mallorca is the original “Twitter Experience” hotel, taking holiday socialization to a whole new level. Every corner of the hotel is designed to generate conversation. One of the reasons the hotel next to the FlowBarrel and FlowRider is wildly popular is because of the Twitter experience […]

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Frontier Magazine on Wave House China


The UK’s business traveler’s magazine, Frontier, published a comprehensive article in June about the various activities at the lifestyle destination centers in China of which Wave House will be a part. Titled “Resorting to the Boom“, it details the high-end sports, leisure and entertainment hotspots in this luxury […]

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Wave House Comes to China


Wave House is pleased to announce that two new Wave House venues will be opening in China in 2016, in Chongqing and Changchun. The beautifully designed Wave House China venues will feature FlowBarrel® and FlowRider®. Equipment for the attractions is in China now, with ground-breaking for the rides expected […]

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