The Heart of Wave House

The basic technology behind flowboarding and “sheet waves” is the use of multiple, high-energy pumps to project a three inch layer of water over a surface that has been shaped to emulate an ocean wave. Essentially, this means that sheet waves are stationary waves with the movement derived from water flowing over this shaped surface. The water flows at between 20 and 30 miles per hour, with as much as 100,000 gallons of water a minute being propelled by the pumps.

First patented in December of 1988 by Tom Lochtefeld, Wave Loch® sheet waves come in two categories of intensity: TheFlowRider® and The FlowBarrel®.

The entry-level wave is the FlowRider and this wave offers riders of all levels, from beginner to expert, the perfect canvas to improve their riding. The FlowRider is a sheet wave that emulates an ocean swell giving riders the thrill of flowboarding without the intimidation of a barrel. Its large open face allows riders to throw tricks of all kinds from learning the basics to advanced moves.

The more challenging FlowBarrel has, as the name suggests, a barrel along with a nice steep face, which resembles the type of hardcore wave surfers travel the world looking for. The FlowBarrel can break as big as 10 feet at 30mph but instead of coral, rocks and urchins lurking beneath the surface, sheet waves flow over a soft, flexible surface – similar to a wrestling mat.

These sheet wave attractions and the sport of flowboarding are the pillars of the Wave House experience. Not only are they a blast to ride, they’re mesmerizing to watch while enjoying a great meal or drinks with friends. No other restaurant or bar harnesses the power of the ocean, coming at you at 100,000 gallons a minute, just yards away.

With five Wave Houses already established on five continents, and over 200 FlowRiders in operation across the globe, flowboarding is taking the world by storm. And with new innovations coming from Tom and the engineering team like SurfPool™, Wave House is poised to remain on the bleeding edge of simulated wave technology.

Waves May 24, 2015
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