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Central to every Wave House venue are one of two cutting-edge surf attractions: the SurfLoch WaveSystem™, or the WaveLoch FlowBarrel® sheet wave, both by our sister companies Wave Loch and Surf Loch. Both of these surfing attractions are based on technology proprietary to Wave Loch and Surf Loch, the world leaders in human generated surfing technology, secured by worldwide intellectual property protection. For over 30 years, our founder Tom Lochtefeld’s surfing attractions have been at the forefront of the artificial wave revolution, bringing the sport of boardriding inland to millions of people. Wave Loch and Surf Loch’s technology is installed in 35 countries, every major continent, and over 200 locations.
These high-visibility centerpiece attractions provide unequaled benefits for the Wave House venue:
Participate in Beach Lifestyle
  • Give visitors the ability to participate in the beach and surfing lifestyle, regardless of location, age or athletic ability, as participant or spectator.
  • Caters to the entire family, from beginner to expert surfers and those who want to relax or play on the beach.
  • A perennial attraction – the beach never goes out of style, causing visitors to visit year-after-year.
  • A sporting life is a clean life, attracting healthy and happy people – the best of customers.
  • Surfing as a sport is skill based. Improving one’s skill requires repeat visitation.  Improvement brings self-satisfaction and the desire to repeat the experience.  Repeat visitation drives increased revenue.
An Anchor Attraction That Increases Foot Traffic
  • Is a catalyst that drives a chain reaction of synergistic results:
    • Creates spectacular visual appeal to the venue with thrilling entertainment;
    • Increases visitor hang-time, which boots ancillary F&B and retail sales;
    • Increases foot-traffic to surrounding retail facilities.
  • Phenomenal Group Sales & Eventing Area:  corporate and group gatherings; special events;  concerts; private parties; weddings; birthdays; etc.
  • Provides the framework for additional programming: private sessions, lessons, competitions, and shows by pro-athletes.
  • When integrated with a hotel or resort, provides hotel patrons the ability to book surf packages, increasing value of hotel stay and driving hotel marketing.
New Markets
  • Appeals to highly-sought after youth demographic.
  • Provides opportunity to capitalize on non-surfing clientele (spectators or family/friends of surfing patrons).
  • Attracts strategic sponsors and partners with ability to reach difficult-to-reach demographics and untapped inland markets.
Public Relations and Media Engine
  • Surfing captures the essence of youth and the free & easy ‘endless summer’ lifestyle.  Media has consistently used the beach and sport of surfing to generate global television, print and web media content, delivering an exceptional marketing hook.
  • Surf competitions are a continuing source of media and public relations content for local news and commentary.

Both SurfLoch WaveSystems™ and the WaveLoch FlowBarrel® provide entry to the surfing lifestyle, to participants and spectators alike. The technology behind and requirements of the two attractions are very different however.

SurfLoch WaveSystems™: a surfing attraction that replicates a real ocean wave


SurfLoch SurfPool at Rif010 Urban Surfing in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, coming 2017.

A SurfLoch WaveSystem™ surfing wave pool takes all the best from Mother Nature to create the world’s best replication of a perfect ocean surfing wave. Surf Loch is the antidote to the troubled inefficient wave pools of the past. Our surf pool’s innovative design offers: consistent, quality waves with unprecedented frequency in the smallest physical footprint, and with the greatest energy efficiency.
While the few surfing wave pools in existence have struggled to make ends meet, Surf Loch has dedicated over 10 years to the development and refinement of its proprietary SurfLoch WaveSystems™ technology to make what was once infeasible, now financially viable and ready to deploy.
SurfLoch WaveSystems™ average 10 feet deep and the size can vary from 100×50 meters to 200×50 meters, with a variety of shapes, sizes and number of breaks available. It has the following features and benefits:


  • Proprietary wave-generating system produces multiple surfable waves in seconds rather than minutes.
  • Higher frequency results in greater customer throughput, maximizing the return on large pool capital investments.


  • Understanding the science of waves allows Surf Loch’s hydrodynamic computer and physical modeling systems to validate and enable customization to each unique customer location.


  • Contrary to traditional waterpark wave pools, which utilize random chop and reflecting waves, a surfing pool prefers a glassy smooth surface
  • Surf Loch’s proprietary dampening systems eliminates adverse surface chop and rip currents while facilitating perfect wave formation.


  • The Surf Loch multiple reef system allows multiple waves of varying heights to break simultaneously. This allows an operator to accommodate riders of all skill levels simultaneously. In addition, an operator can choose to operate the smaller break as a swimmers-only traditional wave pool, like you would see in a water park.


  • As an operator, Surf Loch understands that stable financial return is not only a function of revenue generated from the attraction, but factors in the attraction’s ability to hold a crowd and create ancillary food, beverage, and retail income as well as hospitality room and real estate value.
  • Surf Loch, through its sister companies Wave Loch and Wave House, has a 30+ year proven track record in operating wave attractions and venues, and has a verifiable database of historical financial performance to offer real-world economic feasibility comparables applicable to your site.


  • We incorporate energy recapture technologies throughout our pool designs.
  • 3 for 1: our unique reef design creates up to three wave breaks of progressively increasing duration for the same amount of energy.
  • Using natural gas-powered cogeneration we can simultaneously create waves and heat the pool.

For more specific information on SurfLoch WaveSystems, click HERE.

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Visit our Brochures page to download the SurfLoch WaveSystems brochure.

Wave Loch FlowBarrel®: a sheet wave simulated surfing attraction


The FlowBarrel at Wave House San Diego

Wave Loch’s FlowBarrel® (and its little brother, FlowRider®) both are about the size of a large swimming pool. The basic technology behind flowboarding and “sheet waves” is the use of multiple, high-energy pumps to project a three inch layer of water over a surface that has been shaped to emulate an ocean wave.
Essentially, this means that sheet waves are stationary waves with the movement derived from water flowing over this shaped surface. The water flows at between 20 and 30 miles per hour, with as much as 100,000 gallons of water a minute being propelled by the pumps.
First patented in the early 90’s by Tom LochtefeldWave Loch® sheet waves come in two categories of intensity: The FlowRider® and The FlowBarrel®.

The entry-level wave is the FlowRider and this wave offers riders the perfect canvas to learn and perfect the sport of flowboarding. The FlowRider is a sheet wave that emulates an unbroken ocean swell giving riders the thrill of flowboarding without the intimidation of a barrel. Its large open face allows riders to throw tricks of all kinds from learning the basics to advanced technical skateboard-like moves, e.g. kickflips, shove-its, and aerials.

The more challenging FlowBarrel has, as the name suggests, a tubing / barreling wave along with a nice steep unbroken wave face, which resembles the type of wave hardcore surfers travel the world in an endless search. The FlowBarrel can break as big as 10 feet at 30mph but instead of coral, rocks and urchins lurking beneath the surface, sheet waves flow over a soft, padded surface – similar to a wrestling mat.

For more specific information on the FlowBarrel click HERE.

To read a Case Study on a FlowBarrel and FlowRider in a Wave House, click HERE.

Visit our Brochures pages to download the FlowRider/FlowBarrel brochures.

Unique Centerpiece and Revenue Stream

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Hot tub and FlowBarrel at Wave House San Diego

The sport of surfing and flowboarding are the pillars of the Wave House experience. Not only are the attractions a blast to ride, they’re mesmerizing to watch while enjoying a great meal or drinks with friends. No other restaurant or bar harnesses the power of the ocean, coming at with megawatts of force, just yards away.
With a Wave House established on every major continent, and over 200 FlowRiders in operation across the globe, we live by our motto: “Wave The Planet”. And with the addition of the ground-breaking SurfLoch WaveSystems™, Wave House remains on the cutting edge of wave technology, and lifestyle destination attractions.


Waves May 24, 2015
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